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    Thank you for choosing Thomas Eye Group! We pride ourselves in providing the Greater Atlanta Area with the most advanced LASIK eye surgery procedures utilizing advanced laser technology, such as the VISX WaveFront system. We also provide advanced procedures for improving the vision of patients over the age of 50 with or without cataracts. Thomas Eye Group is considered by most to be Atlanta’s premier eye care facility, with thousands of success stories from people of all ages who had such vision deficiencies as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia.

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  • LASIK is Easy

    Quick and painless.
    The surgery only takes a few minutes per eye. With the skill and precision of our surgeons, you will only feel pressure on your eye – similar to the pressure than when you put in your own contacts.

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  • Better Than Contacts

    Wind, dust, sports & allergies – big problem for contacts, not a problem with LASIK.

    Recent studies show LASIK is up to 5 times safer than contacts. When you consider the risks of scratched corneas and eye fungus or other diseases from contacts, it makes sense that LASIK proves to be much safer than contacts.

    If you're wearing contacts, you’re already paying for LASIK. Add up the costs over a ten-year period and you'll see that you’ve already paid for LASIK. Now you see why we offer zero percent financing.

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  • Affordable

    We take the guess work out of LASIK Financing.

    At Thomas Eye Group, we make LASIK affordable, and we do it without skimping on the quality of outcome. We use the most advanced technology available for every patient while offering No Interest or Low Interest Payment Plans. We will work with you to get you the quality vision you want at a price you can afford!

    Knowing you're a good LASIK candidate is the first step in the decision-making process. After you are determined a candidate, we can discuss our affordability options and breathe a sigh of relief - LASIK with Thomas Eye group really IS affordable!

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  • Choosing Your Surgeon


    Don't allow yourself to be rushed during the consultation or at any point during the exam process. Demand a thorough exam and full disclosure of your suitability for the procedure. Don't choose a LASIK company, choose a LASIK surgeon who is a specialist – it's the personal skill and commitment of your doctor that counts.
    Don't compromise your comfort or outcome with yesterday's technology. Many LASIK centers try to make LASIK more affordable by reverting to older technology such as bladed LASIK and non-WaveFront lasers for their lower priced procedures. At Thomas Eye Group, everyone gets the latest technology but we still make it affordable.

    Read more about each of our doctors here.

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  • Patient Stories

    I was a contact lens wearer for 14 years. Last spring, I decided to pursue the LASIK procedure after being annoyed with my dependency on my contacts. I wanted to be able to wake up and see my alarm or my TV without my glasses. I was tired of my contacts, the constant tearing of lenses, and never feeling like the contacts fit and the smudges were driving me crazy. My experience at Thomas Eye Group and my LASIK procedure far exceeded my expectations. The actual surgery went very well. I can't say enough positive things about the procedure and the attention I received post-surgery. I would absolutely recommend Thomas Eye Group for LASIK to my friends and colleagues.
    - Kelly M. Marker

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